Water Technology Due Diligence

Are you assessing a company or technology?

O2 Environmental works with a global client base in providing water technology due diligence.

Working with a range of clients globally O2 Environmental provides: market validation and competitive landscape mapping, voice of customer analysis, review of Intellectual property position, inspection of manufacturing facilities and operational facilities.

With our deep domain and techno-commercial expertise, supported by the O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group (TAG), we have unrivalled experience in assessing companies and technologies. Combined with our due diligence mix we provide you the assurances you need to make an informed business decision.

Water Technology due diligence







Recently completed water technology due diligence projects:

  • Project Title: Super Critical Water Oxidation Technology Due Diligence. Client: European investment company

Due diligence project undertaken on a super critical water oxidation technology in advance of an IPO. The study included site visits to demonstration facilities, review of operational data, inspection of the plant design and plant equipment and interviews with plant operators. Included in the study was an assessment of the business plan, and business model, and expert opinion on the capital and operational cost estimates and the size of the addressable market.

  • Project Title:  Market and Technology Due Diligence for South African-Based Desalination Technology Company. Client: Private Equity Fund (Family Office), United Kingdom

Technology due diligence project on a South African Ultrafiltration Company. The project reviewed claims made by the technology company and validated these against performance data. This included visiting production facilities in South Africa as well as operational plants in the mining sector. Further to the technology validation an IP study was undertaken to determine if the IP was unique and represented an integral part of the company’s value. Finally a supporting market report was completed to identify the membrane market size and potential growth rates.

  • Project Title: Due Diligence for Singaporean-Based Ultrafiltration Membrane Company. Client: International Private Equity Fund, Hong Kong Office

Due diligence project on an EPC and Membrane Manufacturer. The study included on-site interviews with key personnel at various locations in Singapore and China. Visits to operational drinking water, municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment parts and oil and gas treatment facilities were carried out. A market analysis was also carried out to bench-mark the competitiveness of the company’s membrane technology in terms of cost and performance compared to international suppliers.

  • Project Title: Acquisition Due Diligence – Ultrafiltration Membrane Company, The Netherlands. Client: Large Canadian-based water technology company.

Due diligence project on an ultrafiltration membrane company. This included site visits to operational facilities, research interviews with customers and plant operators. The study analysed the membrane companies position in emerging markets such as beer filtration and seawater desalination pre-treatment. Voice of the customer research interviews were conducted to determine what influenced the buying decision, be it price, performance, technology differentiation, reputation, after sales service, commercial terms, etc.

  • Project Title: Acquisition Due Diligence – Reverse Osmosis Desalination Membrane Company, USA. Client: US-based investment group

Due diligence project on a US-based reverse osmosis membrane filtration company. This included site visits to operational facilities, review of operational data, and a interview with on-site operators and industry experts. The study also included an assessment of the competitve advantage and IP positions for the technology.