Technology Validation & Verification

O2 Environmental, in partnership with Hytecon GmbH, provides water technology validation & verification services to clients. The services are provided to water technology firms ranging from large corporates wishing to support a new product launch to water technology start-ups wishing to have their technologies validated and verified in real-world operating conditions. We also support Research Institutes wishing to establish pilot plants and demonstration scale opportunities to support technology spin-out and out licensing, and Municipalities and Industrial clients wishing to verify performance.

Services provided include co-ordinating and organizing technology validation testing from start to finish. This includes finding a real-life test situation which represents the target application, working with the end-users to co-ordinate the pilot or demonstration plant set-up, designing the time-lines and testing protocols, carrying out the analysis in accredited laboratories, and preparing the testing and validation reports. Desk based studies of third party data are also provided.