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The O2 Environmental team has been providing consultancy services in strategic water technology for over 12 years, our experts are renowned in their respective fields. O2 continues to expand its activities in custom research.

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We help clients unlock synergies and develop new applications by combining the full range of capabilities from across all business.We identify markets opportunities for new entrants in the water and wastewater space and work with small and large water corporates  to use changes in the competitive landscape to their advantage. For private equity firms we develop criteria to evaluate novel technologies and prioritize investment opportunities.

Our services are tailored to the client’s requirements and will often include Workshops, Custom Research, Strategy Development and Opportunity Identification.

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Ideation / Strategic Workshops

O2 Enviromental, the O2 Technology Assessment Group (TAG) and BlueTech Research facilitate innovative strategy and technology roadmap workshops to provide a combination of market insight and intelligence, supporting clients develop its innovation strategy and technology roadmap.

During face-to-face or online strategic workshops, we cooperate with clients to develop a strategy around identifying markets that offer strong, profitable and predictive growth.

O2 Environmental routinely gets involved in Ideation/Strategic Workshops around the following themes:

  1. Mapping of existing technologies to new markets
  2. Profiling some of innovative technology players, with a view to flagging investment, acquisition or partnering opportunities
  3. Market Entry Strategy Development for new product launches
  4. M&A support including acquisition pipeline & watch list development as well as technical due diligence support
  5. Competitive Landscape Mapping & Technology Scouting
  6. Technology Roadmap Development and IP portfolio review

In all cases, we leverage the foundational materials from the BlueTech Intelligence Platform, our extended databases, and our Technology Assessment Group (TAG) to provide unrivaled support to clients. O2 Environmental is providing a sounding board for our client’s evolving business strategy with an independent review and feedback from our water strategy team.

We find that application development is an attractive way to leverage existing expertise, know-how and products. For water industry incumbents, application development offers the opportunity to find green pastures for current portfolio technologies; examples include: UV and AOP for decentralized direct potable re-use, dissolved air flotation for advanced primary treatment and carbon diversion, and ultrafiltration for aquaculture re-circulation markets.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We chose 02 Environmental as a strategic partner, we have already worked on several projects for the last two years. We look forward to growing Hitachi’s business in North America alongside 02 Environmental.”

Akira Kagami

Vice President, Strategic Business Planning, Hitachi America Ltd.

“Our engagement with BlueTech and O2 Environmental has been invaluable for strategy development, stakeholder mapping and technology assessment…”


Senior Business Manager, SABIC

Recent Consultancy Projects

Consultancy Project: Fortune 500 Company – New Water Business Unit

Client: A Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 Company with a turnover of in excess of $1.5Bn used the BlueTech Research service and O2 Environmental consultancy services to support development of a new business unit with a target turnover of $200m by 2020.

Strategic consultancy to support development of a new water technology division within a Fortune 500 Company with core business in advanced materials and precious metals. This included identification of key areas of opportunity within the water technology market, provision of Analyst Support Services, attendance and facilitation of workshops, preparation of company profiles and due diligence studies for acquisition targets and research interviews to support market analysis.

BlueTech Research offered the client a specialised service to identify, evaluate and select key target market areas, identify and build an acquisition pipeline to generate immediate revenues and to link and connect with potential strategic partners.

The BlueTech Webinars were used support capacitance building and education of business development teams.
Additional support provided thorough Strategic Planning Workshops, open innovation ideation workshops and acquisition pipeline workshops with O2 TAG team of industry experts. Custom research to provide competitive landscape and value chain analysis to support the development of launch tactics.

Market Analysis performed included:

  1. Global Brine Treatment and Management Competitive Landscape
  2. Global Hydrocarbon Treatment Technologies Competitive Landscape
  3. Global Ion Exchange Resin Market Competitive Landscape
  4. USA Shale Gas Produced Water Treatment Industry Interviews
  5. Global Ceramic Membrane for Water and Wastewater Treatment Competitive Landscape
  6. Global Advanced Oxidation Process Competitive Landscape
  7. Global UV Equipment Market Analysis
  8. Global Ozone Equipment Market Analysis

Result: Launch of a new water business unit in 2013.