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O2 Environmental provides unmatched expertise throughout the transaction support service life cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and commercial due diligence through post-acquisition integration support.

Need support on your water technology merger and acquisitions strategy and pipeline?

O2 has been a trusted advisor for the last decade on a full range of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and transaction support services. From a seamless Day One experience, O2 provides unmatched expertise throughout the transaction support service life cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and commercial due diligence through post-acquisition integration support.

Working with Fortune 500 companies, among others, O2 develops merger and acquisition strategies. Utilising proprietary value chain models and datasets, our team of industry experts filters and screens your potential acquisition candidates. Working closely with you, we process candidates through a multi-stage gate review process; with multi-variant analysis ensuring candidates meet your requirements.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We chose O2 Environmental as a strategic partner, we have already worked on several projects for the last two years. We look forward to growing Hitachi’s business in North America alongside 02 Environmental.”

Akira Kagami

Vice President, Strategic Business Planning, Hitachi America Ltd.

“O2 Environmental, including its BlueTech services, play a unique role in the water innovation ecosystem as they are globally connected, have a high level of awareness of water technology innovation, and they have deep expertise that comes from years of hands-on experience. “

Steve Kloos

Partner , True North Venture Partners

Recent Merger & Acquisition Projects

Project Title: M&A Acquisition Strategy Support and Pipeline Development for an Automotive Industrial Company

Client: Industrial Company, Germany

O2 Enviromental was engaged by a large German Automotive car-parts manufacturing company to help them with their strategy on expansion into the water sector. The company had core strengths infiltration of air and diesel in the automotive industry, and wished to expand into the filtration of water using membrane technologies.

O2 assisted the company in analyzing and mapping the overall water technology market to identify which sectors would fit best with their expansion strategy into water. Following on from this, we identified potential acquisitions targets to support an inorganic growth strategy and put these companies through a stage gate review process. This was presented to the client in a interactive workshop format where O2 added additional insights into the nature of acquisition targets potential aquariability and post-integration strategy.

Following on from this project, the client has successfully built and established a presence in the water industry through a series of acquisitions. We can disclose the client’s name here, it was Mann+Hummel.


Project Title: Acquisition Pipeline Strategy Development for a global biotechnology company

Client: Novozymes

Novozymes is a leading global player in the biotechnology industry with enzyme manufacturing activities. Novozymes had also smaller water technology business focused on the use of enzymes and particular bacterial strains to enhance performance.

Novozymes wished to carry out a very detailed map of how biotechnology could present growth technologies in the water sector. O2 environmental carried out a detailed review mapping biotech opportunities including use of enzymes, bacteria, microbial encapsulation technologies, and bio-augmentation in areas including wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, and groundwater treatment.

We carried out a review on current state of the art in the areas of biotechnology, including biomimetic membranes, removal of merging containments, using targeted bacterial strains and enhancements and efficiency improvements in waste water treatment plant operations. We then analysed a number of potential acquisitions targets to determine whether Novozymes enzymes should grow organically or inorganically to exploit biotech opportunities in water. On the basis, of this analysis a strategic decision was taken to focus on internal organic R&D to develop new products and solutions to expand Novozymes’ business in water.

Project Title: Acquisition Strategy for Water PLC

Client: Undisclosed – Larger Water PLC, UK

O2 was retained by a large UK water PLC, Severn Trent Water, to support their expansion and growth strategy of the Severn Trent services water technology business. Severn Trent Water had an existing technology portfolio and a footprint in The United States, as well as other international markets.

O2 analysed the core competencies and strengths of the Severn Trent services businesses, mapped and overlaid this on top of fast growth market areas, which were adjacent to existing business activities. We identified the key market areas and enabling technologies which they would fit with, and be synergistic with the existing Severn Trent services technology portfolio.

We provided advice and insight on technologies which would future proof the existing technology portfolio, as well as enable expansion into new market areas. We carried out detailed screening and review process of a large number of  potential acquisition targets, put these through a stage-gate process to analyze fit with the capabilities of the current business, and this led to a short listing process. Severn Trent services subsequently proceeded with an acquisition to add a new technology to the business, as well as to expand into new market areas.