Market Analysis

Market AnlysisO2 Environmental has completed market analysis studies for many of the world’s leading water technology firms and investors. We establish the value of target markets, identify key players, provide industry mapping to identify strategic partners and potential customers, and benchmark competitiveness of specific technologies in the market to ensure that the resources devoted to marketing and business development are effective and targeted.

We can provide an independent review of business development plans and comment on assumptions in terms of competitiveness and market share. Markets not previously considered, where there is a potential fit for the process, will be identified.

Effective marketing, leading to quick sales, can make the difference between success and failure. We have a proven track record in delivering sales based on market analysis work. We have also analysed acquisition opportunities for leading water companies and investment groups.

Recently completed water technology due diligence projects:

  • Project Title: USA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Market Analysis Report and European Biosolid Market Analysis. Client: M2 Renewables¬†

Preparation of a detailed market analysis of market opportunities for advanced primary treatment, nutrient removal and sludge gasification technologies in North America. Preparation of an overview report on the European Biosolids Management Market. These studies were utilised by the client to inform its go-to-market strategy and to provide market validation for independent investors.

  • Project Title: Max West – Biosloids Gasification Market Analysis Report for North America, Europe and China. Client: Max West

Preparation of a detailed analysis of the biosolids management market in North America, Europe and China. This report analysed market drivers, competing technologies and helped the company formulate its go-to-market strategy and conclude a round of funding for $35 million in 2011.

  • Project Title: Chinese UV Disinfection Market Analysis Study. Client: UK Water PLC.

A detailed study of the Chinese UV market to determine regulations, prevalence of UV technology in the Chinese water treatment market, drivers for technology adoption, methods for unit sizing, key players, routes to market and likely future trends towards the use of UV technology in the Chinese market. The study included conducting research interviews with government officials, wastewater treatment plant operators and industry professionals. This gave insight into the prevalence of wastewater treatment plants using disinfection, the regulatory drivers for this, the percentage of plants using UV versus Chlorine and the relative market share of local versus international companies.

  • Global Water Disinfection Market Analysis. Client: US Water Technology Company (PUBLIC) ¬†

The market analysis study focused on the identification of attractive market segments for water disinfection products in terms of market size and growth rate. Determining market size of these market segments across four different target geographies. The client was provided with insights into key market drivers and technology trends within different sub-sectors to allow clients to make an informed decision on business development strategy for its water disinfection technology portfolio.