In-licensing and Out-licensing Services

O2 Environmental provides both in-licensing and out-licensing services to facilitate technology transfer and technology portfolio building. This includes working with Chief Technology Officers, New Business Development Teams and Research and Development teams to identify opportunities to fill technology gaps in current portfolio and ensure a sustained competitive advantage. In-licensing services includes support on technology roadmap development and innovation impact analysis to identify key areas of innovation where a company may wish to compliment internal R&D and acquisition strategy through strategic partnering and licensing.

Using proprietary BlueTech Research licensing tracker and innovation tracker we provide 360 degree visibility on the innovation landscape and can identify opportunities for B2B licensing as well as from the worlds leading water research centres.

Out-licensing support for Research Institutes and Corporations looking to spin-out technologies, includes identifying potential pipeline partners and licensees. O2 Environmental has an extensive network and database of industry contacts and can facilitate introductions. Services also include reports on industry standard royalty rates and agreements terms.