For Large Water Companies, we help identify acquisition opportunities using the BlueTech Research Company Tracker of emerging water technologies. We also help identify areas for internal product development by identifying market drivers, key opportunities and emerging trends in the water technology market.

For Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors, we provide technology assessment services to benchmark technologies and advise on the market characteristics, growth rates and business models which have been proven to work.

For Emerging Water Technology Companies, we provide a suite of support services to accelerate and de-risk the process of technology commercialisation. This includes market analysis, accessing non-dilutive grant support, identifying investors and strategic partners, scale-up engineering support,  and strategy development.

Services include:

  • Technology Due Diligence
  • Technology Validation & Verification – in partnership with Hytecon GmbH
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Pipeline Development
  • Merger and Acquisition Workshops
  • Innovation Strategy and Technology Roadmap Workshop
  • Technology In-licensing and Out-licensing

Technology Due Diligence

Technology Assessment

The O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group (TAG) is an unrivalled resource for the assessment of water technologies. The TAG comprises a group of leading international experts specializing in the technical and market analysis of emerging water technologies. O2 Environmental can provide: market validation and competitive landscape mapping, voice of customer analysis, review of Intellectual property position, inspection of manufacturing facilities and operational facilities.

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Technology Validation & Verification

"Technology Validation and Verification"

O2 Environmental, in partnership with Hytecon GmbH, provides water technology validation & verification services to clients. The services are provided to water technology firms ranging from large corporates wishing to support a new product launch to water technology start-ups wishing to have their technologies validated and verified in real-world operating conditions. We also support Research Institutes wishing to establish pilot plants and demonstration scale opportunities to support technology spin-out and out licensing, and Municipalities and Industrial clients wishing to verify performance.

Services provided include co-ordinating and organizing technology validation testing from start to finish. This includes finding a real-life test situation which represents the target application, working with the end-users to co-ordinate the pilot or demonstration plant set-up, designing the time-lines and testing protocols, carrying out the analysis in accredited laboratories, and preparing the testing and validation reports. Desk based studies of third party data are also provided.

Mergers and Acquisitions Pipeline Development

Mergers and Acquisitions Pipeline Development

O2 Environmental provides a detailed merger and acquisition pipeline development service. Facilitated by the use of proprietary datasets and value chain models our team of industry experts filter and screen for potential acquisition candidates. Candidates are advanced in the process through the use a stage gate review process and multi-variant analysis. The O2 Technology Assessment Group (TAG) supports this process.

Innovation Strategy and Technology Roadmap Workshops

Innovation Strategy and Technology Roadmap Workshops

Facilitated by O2 Environmental, the O2 TAG Team and BlueTech Research, innovation strategy and technology roadmap workshops provide a combination of market insights and intelligence, supporting clients develop its innovation strategy and technology roadmap.


In-licensing and Out-licensing

Corporate Water Strategy Development

O2 Environmental provides both in-licensing and out-licensing services to facilitate technology transfer and technology portfolio building. This includes working with Chief Technology Officers, New Business Development Teams and Research and Development teams to identify opportunities to fill technology gaps in current portfolio and ensure a sustained competitive advantage. In-licensing services includes support on technology roadmap development and innovation impact analysis to identify key areas of innovation where a company may wish to compliment internal R&D and acquisition strategy through strategic partnering and licensing.

Using proprietary BlueTech Research licensing tracker and innovation tracker we provide 360 degree visibility on the innovation landscape and can identify opportunities for B2B licensing as well as from the worlds leading water research centres.

Out-licensing support for Research Institutes and Corporations looking to spin-out technologies, includes identifying potential pipeline partners and licensees. O2 Environmental has an extensive network and database of industry contacts and can facilitate introductions. Services also include reports on industry standard royalty rates and agreements terms.