Services We Offer Our Clients

For Large Water Companies, we help identify acquisition opportunities using the BlueTech Research Company Tracker of emerging water technologies. We also help identify areas for internal product development by identifying market drivers, key opportunities and emerging trends in the water technology market.

For Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors, we provide technology assessment services to benchmark technologies and advise on the market characteristics, growth rates and business models which have been proven to work.

For Emerging Water Technology Companies, we provide a suite of support services to accelerate and de-risk the process of technology commercialisation. This includes market analysis, accessing non-dilutive grant support, identifying investors and strategic partners, scale-up engineering support, and strategy development.

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What can we do for you?

O2 Environmental offers specialist water technology consultancy in three services:

Technology Assessment

Technology Due Diligence

O2 provides an unrivalled resource for the assessment of water technologies. Offering our global clientele access to market validation and competitive landscape mapping, voice of customer analysis, review of Intellectual property position, inspection of manufacturing facilities and operational facilities, O2 facilities an unparalleled resource of water technology intelligence.

Mergers and Acquisitions Pipeline Development

Mergers and Acquisitions

O2 has been a trusted advisor for the last decade on a full range of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and transaction support services. From a seamless Day One experience, O2 provides unmatched expertise throughout the transaction support service life cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and commercial due diligence through post-acquisition integration support.

Innovation Strategy and Technology Roadmap Workshops

Strategic Consulting

The O2 Environmental team has significant experience in Water Technology Consulting. Providing consultancy services in strategic water technology for over 12 years, our experts are renowned in their respective fields. Combining the intelligence of our TAG team, and BlueTech Research, O2 continues to expand its activities in custom research.