BlueTech Research

Suite of Products

  • Intelligence Briefing
  • Reports
  • Webinars
  • Innovation Tracker
  • Patent Tracker
  • Licensing Tracker
  • Analyst Access

Intelligence Briefing

Monthly briefings keep you up-to-date on key water technology industry developments across our 4 practice areas. Briefings provide the latest information on new technologies, patent activity, acquisitions, investments, IPOs and global market trends.


Insight Reports

The broad range of BlueTech® Insight Reports provide detailed insights and analysis on key market segments, technology areas and companies in the water space. BluePrints, Investor and Corporate Profiles provide quick briefings, while Insight Reports and Company Reports provide comprehensive, in-depth intelligence. All reports are categorized across our 4 practice areas, with the option to further focus your search through our proprietary filters.


Interactive BlueTech® Webinar Series provide insight and analysis from international experts on key emerging water industry topics across our 4 practice areas. Experts present on current markets, technologies, regulations and opportunities, providing you with an in-depth, comprehensive overview of the webinar topic. The Q&A session allows you to interact with industry-leading experts, affording you the opportunity to fully explore the topic area.

Innovation Tracker

The BlueTech® Innovation Tracker is a constantly expanding, interactive database with 500+ pre-screened companies. The Innovation Tracker monitors the global water market for companies with innovative and disruptive technologies and a strong go-to-market strategy, allowing you to identify technology companies for investment and licensing opportunities, their potential to disrupt the water industry, and competitive analysis.

Licensing Tracker

The BlueTech® Licensing Tracker monitors licensing activity of research institutes around the globe for new innovative and disruptive water technologies. Through the Licensing Tracker, you can identify potential patent licensing opportunities.


Patent Tracker

The BlueTech® Patent Tracker allows you to track the patent activity of companies in the BlueTech® Innovation Tracker. Frequent analysis of patent activity helps you identify IP trends and innovation opportunities, while also giving insight into the strategic direction of competitors. For an in-depth analysis, patent filings are navigable through our universal filters by technology, theme and application.

About BlueTech Research

If you are in the water market, you need more than data. You need actionable intelligence. BlueTech Research, an O2 Environmental company, is the premier source of  water technology market intelligence for strategic business decisions on innovative technologies, companies and opportunities.

BlueTech Research provides investors, water companies, researchers and regulators with critical analysis on emerging water technology market areas. We map, analyse and benchmark the water technology innovation landscape, market drivers, emerging areas of innovation, disruptive technologies, company strategies, the regulatory environment, and more. Our scientists and engineers have deep domain expertise, a unique industry perspective, and unrivalled knowledge and understanding of innovative water technologies.

Through our analyst-directed advisory services, technology assessments, suite of product offerings, and strategic advice, our global client base gets critical analysis to intelligently navigate and make informed business decisions about the shifting, dynamic global emerging water technology market.