BlueTech Forum is delighted to welcome Oasys Water to San Francisco on 1st June, where the company will present its Forward Osmosis (FO) membrane technology to water industry leaders.

Oasys will take part in the Innovation Showcase during which 12 companies selected by BlueTech Research analysts and O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group will present project case studies introducing delegates to their technology concept, its value proposition and future market outlook.

Each participating company in this unique event will represent a different technology area. Oasys Water is a leading provider of FO membrane systems for use in desalination, brine management and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) applications.

The company has recently installed the first commercial application of FO in a ZLD application in the world at the Changxing Power Plant in Zhejiang Province.

BlueTech Research Chief Executive Paul O’Callaghan says, “Oasys Water was an obvious choice for the Innovation Showcase because its ClearFlo MBC demonstrates the successful transition of FO from R&D into commercial application. The importance of low energy freshwater recovery in industrial applications is only going to grow in the coming decades so we are delighted to have them on board.”

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Roundtables discuss FO and brine management

Alongside the Innovation Showcase, delegates at BlueTech Forum will join Water Technology Roundtable Briefings. There are two on topics relevant to FO technology:

Brine Management and Zero Liquid Discharge – competitive landscape and next generation technologies, hosted by Dr Michael Mickley, O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group

Membrane Technologies, hosted by Dr Graeme Pearce, O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group

BlueTech Forum is taking place in San Francisco on 1st June and the theme is 20:20 Vision – Insights to future-proof your water strategy.

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