Title of event: World Water-Tech Investment Summit

Venue: London Chamber of Commerce

Date: 28-29 February 2012

The World Water-Tech Investment Summit is an important networking event for the water industry in 2012. Opportunities for growth in the global water sector will focus on today’s most exciting areas for innovation and investment:

  • Wastewater reuse and energy recovery, and
  • Smart, data-driven solutions for water treatment and distribution

Experts from the UN and OECD will identify exactly where the water market is heading in the next 5-10 years.

Paul O’Callaghan will chair the technology showcase “Energy and Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater” including panelists from EMEFCY, SCFI and M2 Renewables.  New technological solutions to harvesting these resources will be presented including:

  • Energy production from sludge
  • Energy extracted from wastewater flows
  • Energy recovery from biogas
  • Recovering compounds / nutrients from wastewater

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