Reference Clients and Projects

Reference Clients and Projects


Summaries of Recent Projects

Project Title: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Company – Market and Technology Due Diligence

Client: US-Based Private Equity Fund, Washington DC

This project was part of a due diligence exercise to evaluate the investment opportunity with an innovative Californian-based reverse osmosis (RO) company. The study included a detailed review of financial models, patent review and analysis to determine underlying principles of the technology and assessment of strength of IP position, site visits to the company’s manufacturing facilities to inspect production processes and interview key staff members, market validation to analyse the competitiveness of the company’s offering and the likely accessible market share and profit margins it could realize.

Project Title:  Market and Technology Due Diligence for South African-Based Desalination Technology Company

Client: Private Equity Fund (Family Office), United Kingdom

This project was part of a due diligence exercise for a London-based family office to analyze the investment opportunity with a South African-based desalination and RO element production company. The project involved site visits to operational facilities in South Africa to determine if the plants were meeting operating parameters, a review of technical data provided by the company, industry research interviews to determine perception in the marketplace, an analysis of market data to validate market size estimates, a review of the competitiveness and uniqueness of the company’s offering and go-to-market strategy. Regular client update calls were held throughout the process and a final report prepared and submitted.

Project Title: Due Diligence for Singaporean-Based Ultrafiltration Membrane Company

Client: International Private Equity Fund, Hong Kong Office

This study was undertaken on behalf of the Hong Kong office of a large private equity fund, as part of a due diligence into a Singaporean-based ultrafiltration membrane company.

The study included site visits to membrane manufacturing facilities in China, analysis of QA/QC procedures, validation of water filtration market size estimates and competitive analysis, review of data provided by the company, assessment of the company’s ultrafiltration membrane technology offering, its competitiveness and research interviews to validate perception in the marketplace.

Project Title: Commercialisation Support for Innovative Membrane Coating Technology

Client: Water Technology Instrumentation Company, USA

This project was used to support the commercialization strategy for an innovative membrane coating technology. The project involved detailed value chain analysis within various sectors of the water industry, analysis of a range of options for technology commercialisation were analysed including launching a dedicated business unit, JV, licensing, spin-out and technology sale.

Various business models were considered, including coating as a service-oriented business based on performance related guarantees, consumable sales and coating of third party membranes.

Different market segments were analyzed to determine where the technology innovation would deliver the greatest value, including drinking water treatment, MBR, municipal wastewater reuse, industrial water re-use, industrial applications in oil & gas.

Economic modeling was carried to determine the savings the technology could provide. A recommendation on strategy options was provided to the company indicating key market segments to consider and next steps and connections with potential partners.

Project Title: Commercialisation Support for Innovative Low Energy MBR Nutrient Removal Technology

Client: Private Water Utility Company, USA

The client had discovered a low energy path nutrient removal technology suitable for use in MBR systems. The study evaluated the data provided to determine the value proposition in wastewater treatment applications. Competitive analysis to identify any competing solutions was carried out. The study analyzed a range of options for bringing this technology to the market, including conversion of existing MBR treatment facilities based on an annual fee derived from shared savings in operational costs. Recommendations were provided on steps that could be taken to build a defensible IP position around the technology. Potential partners were identified as part of the study.

Project Title: M&A Acquisition Strategy Support and Pipeline Development for an Automotive Industrial Company

Client: Industrial Company, Germany

The client was launching a new water business division as part of a diversification strategy and was a new entrant to the water sector. O2 Environmental reviewed the water strategy and supported the development of a merger and acquisition pipeline. This involved screening and ranking over 300 companies (including systems integrators, OEM’s and EPC Contractors) to determine fit and suitability with the overall water market strategy. A short-list of candidates was reviewed in detail and rated based a number of factors including ease of acquirability, ease of integration and fit with strategy.

Project Title: Review of Water Strategy for Large Industrial Client

Client:  Automotive industrial company, Germany

Reviewed the water strategy plan for a large industrial client launching a new water business division as a new entrant to the water sector. A workshop was facilitated by O2 Environmental with experts from the O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group (TAG). Critical feedback was provided on the strategy for internal growth through R&D and growth through acquisitions.

Project Title: Water Disinfection Map

Client: Global Water Solutions Leader, USA

Identification of attractive market segments for water disinfection products in terms of market size and growth rates.  Determined market size of these market segments across four different target geographies.  Provide the Client with insights into the key market drivers and technology trends within different sub-sectors to allow the Client to make an informed decision on business development strategy for its water disinfection technology portfolio.

Project Title: Market Analysis Study: US and Canada

Client: Innovative Waste Water Technology Company, USA

Market analysis study for suite of wastewater technologies.  The technologies had applications in a number of different market segments within the wastewater industry, with each market segment having slightly different drivers for technology adoption.  O2 Environmental provided detailed intelligence on these individual market segments to enable the Client to develop a targeted Phase 1 sales and marketing strategy.

Project Title: Supported Development of a New Water Investment Fund

Client: Start-up Investment Fund, The Netherlands

Client required a short-list and profiles of strategic water investment opportunities with a view to establishing a $100M investment fund.  O2 Environmental identified target investment opportunities in various sectors of interest, and also identified examples of companies that represented recent successful water investment opportunities.

Project Title: Support of water Investment Strategy

Client: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology Investment Firm, USA

O2 Environmental identified strategic areas of investment opportunity in the water sector in North America. O2 Environmental leveraged our contacts and networks to identify investment opportunities, potential management hires for portfolio companies, strategic investment partners, and industry partners for portfolio companies.

Project Title: Water Treatment Strategy and Prioritization Process

Client: Multinational Biotechnology Company, Denmark

O2 Environmental facilitated a process to define a joint pipeline strategy to meet aggressive financial growth targets by 2015 and 2018.  Ten priority opportunities were prioritized, which met the criteria for a balanced pipeline. The Client required the opportunities to be commercially robust and described in sufficient detail to accelerate short-term (2013) and medium-term growth (2015).  Acquisition candidates were identified, validated and incorporated into a plan for execution.

Project Title: Evaluation of Market Value of the Stormwater Treatment Market

Client: Multinational Utilities Company, France

Generation of a detailed report summarizing the current methods of treating stormwater in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.  Estimation of the size of the current stormwater market in said countries.  Completion of a comprehensive list of companies currently providing  stormwater treatment technologies. Analysis of new and innovative  technologies to treat stormwater and future trends within the technology area also included. Emerging contaminants that may impact the future of stormwater treatment were documented.  Analysis of incoming legislation or changes to current legislation also included.

Project Title: Market Analysis for Nutrient Recovery Technology

Client: Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Canada

Identification and screening of target wastewater treatment plants for nutrient recovery technology, which resulted in some of the first contracts being awarded.

Project Title: Technology Commercialisation Support for Sludge to Energy

Client: Aquacritox Supercritical Water Oxidation, Ireland

Development of strategic links with investors for sludge to energy projects. Raised the profile of the company through targeted marketing and PR. Aquacritox was winner of the Going Green Water Tech Awards and is closing Round B financing.

Project Title: Market Analysis for Advanced Oxidation Technology

Client: APT Water, USA

Analysis of target markets for advanced oxidation water technology. Determination of market size, industry mapping, competitive analysis and development of a strategy to approach market including identification of target projects and strategic partners.

Project Title: Assessment of Biotech Opportunities in Water Industry

Client:Undisclosed – Large Biotech Multinational, USA

Assessment of the opportunities in the water industry for the application of biotechnology based solutions. Generation of a short-list of three key applications with detailed intelligence on the current state of the art, key players, market size and suggested strategies to approach this market.

Project Title: Industry Mapping Report for Analytical Technology

Client: Envirogene, Wales

Market intelligence and formulation of a market entry strategy for a company with molecular biology based water analysis tools.

Project Title: Water Technology Markets Report

Client: Global Water Intelligence

Preparation of a detailed specialist report ‘Water Technology Markets – key opportunities and emerging trends’. The report was a cutting edge analysis of emerging water technologies and markets.

Project Title: Acquisition Strategy for Water PLC

Client: Undisclosed – Larger Water PLC, UK

Assessment of the current technology portfolio and identification of adjacent market opportunities in growth areas. Identification of emerging technologies and water technology companies in these areas and screening to identify acquisition candidates.