Water Technology Markets Book

“Water Technology Markets 2010 – key opportunities and emerging trends”

Publication Date: August 2009

Water Technology Markets Book

Price $2000 USD 

The water sector is facing greater challenges than ever before: population growth, climate change, increased water scarcity, tougher environmental regulation, and dwindling public finances. As we confront these issues, only one thing stands between success and failure: water technology.

It is a subject which has been neglected over the years. The pipe, the pump and the valve, have been enough to meet our needs but suddenly investment in new technologies has become an imperative.

Water Technology Markets is your in-depth analysis of all the important developments and opportunities in the water technology sector. It aims to answer three questions:

  1. What game-changing technologies are coming down the line?
  2. Where are the best growth opportunities in the sector?
  3. What is the broader context of the water technology sector?

It is essential reading for:

  • Water equipment suppliers:How can you position yourself to make the most new developments?
  • Engineers and contractors: What new technologies do you absolutely have to be aware of in order to stay ahead of the game?Where will you see the best growth in future?
  • Investors:Beneath the hype, where are the real opportunities for investors in this sector?What are the risks and rewards?
  • Water Utilities:Which new technologies can radically alter our cost base? Can you give us an unbiased opinion on their actual potential?