BlueTech Forum is delighted to announce that utility data specialist FATHOM will join the Innovation Showcase at its annual event in San Francisco on 1 June. Initially developed by US utility Global Water Resources for its own use and spun off as a separate entity in 2013, FATHOM is a geo-spatial, software-as-a-service platform that not only saves water and enhances customer service, but also finds revenue hidden in utility data.

The system, which is already in use on 4 million meters in the US, uses an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to gather, curate and assess data from any metering technology and methodology – from manual to automated meter reading (AMR) to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) – allowing utilities to find value in every step of the process from meter to customer to cash. The platform also feeds information to customers – allowing them to make better decisions about water use and therefore conserving water and controlling their own costs.

Graham Symmonds, Chief Knowledge Officer of FATHOM said: “The beauty of our system is that it was developed by a water utility for a water utility – so we know it works. Smart data can help water utilities increase revenue, decrease costs, save water and improve service to customers.”

Stefan Urioc, Water Technology Market Analyst and Data Scientist at BlueTech Research, says, “The Internet of Things (IoT) might be a buzzword for many, but the concept of remotely operating and communicating with devices on field, as well as analysing data easily, is slowly taking over the water world”.

Fathom generates value for utilities in the form of increased revenue, decreased costs and customer delight, with the additional value of being able to decrease water demand if the customer needs this capability. The system is scalable and is capable of homogenizing and standardizing data taken from any type of water meter or device. An open architecture data repository and analytics engine allows for cross-platform analytics. The result is real-time, spatially relevant information is available across the utility.

Average results across the FATHOM partner utilities shows an increase in revenue from better data management of 5 to 15 per cent – even in the face of mandated and voluntary demand destruction. The company has also uncovered hidden revenue in excess of US$7.4m annually (and counting) from its existing customer base, and reduced bad debt for their partner utilities by an average of 75 per cent.

Paul O’Callaghan, chief executive of O2 Environmental says, “We are delighted that FATHOM will be sharing its technology concept and value proposition with delegates at BlueTech Forum and participating in the Innovation Showcase. Smart data platforms are one of the most exciting and innovative developments in the water industry today”.

Confirmed Innovation Showcase companies include:

Fathom Water: Smart Water and IoT (Internet of Things) case study for Water Utilities

Spiral Water: Macro Filtration case study in Food & Beverage

Nutrinsic: Energy & Resource Recovery case study in Brewery Wastewater

Opti: Stormwater Analytics Stormwater Tool

Oasys Water: Forward Osmosis Technology for ZLD in Power and Oil and Gas

Organica Water: Decentralised Treatment & Water Reuse

Water Planet: Ceramic Membranes

An interactive roundtable on Online Sensors and Predictive Analytics, hosted by Dr Corina Carpentier, a member of the O2 Environmental Technology Assessment Group, and Stefan Urioc will also take place at BlueTech Forum. Moderators will provide five-minute introductory primers on the topic after which there will be a facilitated discussion. These bite-size interactive briefings will provide intelligence in an easy-to-digest format, setting the stage for informed discussions throughout the day and allowing you to interact with fellow delegates.

Other roundtable topics include:
Predicting the Future and catching the next wave of opportunity
Unearthing Water Technology Opportunities in the world of Mining
Oil and Gas opportunities in a shifting landscape
Brine Management & ZLD – competitive landscape and next generation technologies
Direct Potable Water Re-use – what the future holds
Nutrients – to recover or not to recover
Water as an Investment Theme – Key trends in Merger, Acquisition and strategic Investment
Aquaculture – water tech opportunities in the fastest growing protein market in the world
Membrane Technologies

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